Bottle of Wine


It’s been too long, since we were so good

Doubt crept in, whispered cruel words

Left us in confusion as we slung the mud

Then we split, for better or worse

But I saw you today and so wanted to say

Your eyes still sparkle and shine

Do you have time for me, now we’re both free

Shall I bring round a bottle of wine


Please throw me a lifeline, give me one more chance,

Kiss me for old times, and save me a dance.


It was a cruel dance, that drew us apart

I wish there was someone to blame

Our past we ripped up, we twisted our hearts

And left with the cold smell of shame

But I saw you today I wanted you to say

My eyes still sparkle and shine

Do you have time for me, now we’re both free

Will you bring round a bottle of wine



It’s never so easy,

Going back through old history

Old photographs fade,

Old love remains


It’s been too long, since we were so good

It was pretty good to the end

For-give my lies, I’ll forget your falsehoods

Sometimes we must make do and mend

Cos I saw you today and so wanted to say

Your eyes still sparkle and shine

Do you have time for me, now we’re both free

Let’s both down a bottle of wine


Atlantic Merchant Company

(by Nic Rigby)


 Outside it was a cold dark night, inside I've worked too long,

In the office in Argyle Street, the coffee was awful and strong,

This old building, they say, was paid for by slavery,

But my firm does not like to dwell, upon its history.


The Atlantic Merchant Company, Investments and security,

Incorporated AMC, will be, the death of me.


I was thinking of my sweet love Rose, but the work had to be done

My hands should be running through her hair,

Instead I'm running through the sums,

They say this building's haunted, by a young man they say,

Seen running up the old stairwell, shouting her lover's name.



Working far to hard, working far too long,

My senses overtaken by a bright fluorescent hum.


The light above me flickered, then finally gave in,

Did I hear somebody call my name, did a door somewhere slam,

I headed for the stairwell, someones running up from below,

I shouted out: "Hello, old friend." He shouted the name Rose.


Pretty Boy

(by Nic Rigby)


I want you to keep me awake, by being in my bed,

And not just in my head,

In my mind, you're driving me blind, as I try to get some sleep,

I'm in over my head, my thoughts were never deep,

But this photograph I keep, so close, so close to me,

But it's you that I need here, to set my body free


Pretty boy won't to fly away with me

Pretty boy won't you lie awake with me

Pretty boy, Pretty boy, Pretty boy, Pretty boy


If I speak freely, will my world explode, if you say: no

You're not for me

If you analyse me will you spot the floors in my personality

Too many compromises, too many pointless lies,

I'd never be more paranoid if I had an army of spies

And I know I'm not so wise

But can string some words together, 

More than your usual type


Ode to Lavinia in Winter

(by Nic Rigby and Liam Capper-Starr)


Oscar met Lavinia down by the Old Mill brook,

He liked women with that 19th Century chronic TB look,

And when she fainted he held her close,

And woke her with a kiss.

But Oscar you're a fool, I said, No good will come of this.

I walked into the winter night, my gun back by my side,

For many years no one had a clue,

How that sweet fellow died.


Lavinia, my darling, I had to have it all,

Marry Cinderella, and every day's a ball


Lavinia, I remember, how you looked oh so sweet

The night you threw my stuff and my life on to the street

You said I was a passing passion, nothing now remained

You said you didn't want me dead, but you'd like to see me maimed

So I rode into the night to make my getaway

Damning every inch of you and wishing I could stay



But I rejoined Lavinia, we robbed many an honest man

In Hull, and Halifax and Hell we're wanted across the land

I'm sure I'll face a final fall, I know my soul is damned

But whoever twists in the last knife, Lavinia will lend a hand

And I'll be buried in the night, my flesh will rot away

Though worms may eat up my insides for Lavinia's love I'll pray