Nic Norton and Alice Morell with the County Band is made up of Nic (guitar/vocals), Alice (vocals/ukulele),  Mollie Narayn-Barrow (fiddle), Nathan O'Connor III (bass guitar),  and Robin Evans (banjo).

The band has been described by Outline magazine as "delivering a satisfying blend of folk and Americana" with a "neat line in observational story telling".

The Norwich-based band released its first EP Brief Lives at the end of 2018 and produce its first album Last Orders in 2019.

Its album Smoke and Mirror came out in 2020 and its new album Killing Time came out in 2022.


Nic Norton writes unexpected songs on just about everything on the new album Killing Time with Alice Morell which will educate ears” - Sue Marchant,

— Former BBC regional radio and Cambridge 105 Radio

Nic Norton and the County Band at Jurnet's Bar, Norwich