New album Killing Time out now on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music

8/10 Outline Magazine

New album Killing Time

Exciting original songs from duo

Exciting new songs from duo with assistance from the County Band plus guest musician Huey Lewis and the News trumpeter Marvin McFadden and pianist Jen Austin. 

There is some wonderfully dark humour to be found within Killing Time… With Alice Morrell's crystal clear-as-a-bell vocals maximising the impact of each lyrical twist and turn, every track is delivered to deadly effect. Killing Time is an album that straddles country, folk, blues and rock, tearing your heart apart, but leaving you with a huge cheesy grin right across your face.” - David Auckland

Outline Magazine

Independent music at its very best and performed by people who have a real passion for what they do”

Tony Birch, Fatea Magazine

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